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Mineral insulated cable end cable end production installation and construction methods!
Mineral insulated cable is different from traditional fire-resistant and fire-retardant cable, so the installation and construction of cable terminal head should have professional technical guidance, and must be operated in accordance with the normal process. A permanent terminal shall be used to connect the cable to the electrical equipment before the cable is powered on. Terminals have two functions: 1, can make the cable insulation material (magnesium oxide) and the external isolation of sealing. 2. Connect the cable to the switch cabinet or electrical equipment for fixing. Thus the terminal consists of two parts: Sealing part: it is generally composed of brass tank (or heat shrinkable pipe), tank cover, sealing material and insulating sleeve of conductor. Gland part: generally composed of gland body, compression ring and gland nut. Installation method of mineral insulated cable terminal head: Mineral insulated cable terminal head installation production 1. Cut a trace line on the cable with a pipe cutter according to the required length (copper sheath cannot be cut). Then, twist the sheath copper wallet clockwise between the jaws of the clamp with the diagonal pliers, hold the edge of the sheath copper skin step by step, and rotate and peel it at a small Angle until it reaches the cut mark. Mineral insulated cable terminal head made of copper peel sheath 2. Thoroughly remove the magnesium oxide insulating material on the exposed wire with a clean dry cloth, then put the beam head on the cable, and screw the brass sealing cup vertically on the copper sheath of the cable sheath. At the beginning, apply the hand beam and slide the beam head on the sealing cup to check the verticality of the cup. After the verticality is confirmed, clamp the knurled holder of the sealing cup with the pipe wire clamp and continue the installation until one end of the tiger sheath is lower than the local thread in the sealing cup! The brass seal cup is screwed vertically on the copper sheath of the cable sheath 3. Heat the cable with torch flame from about 600mm away from the beginning of the cable run, and constantly move the flame to the open end of the cable, so as to remove the water completely. Remember to only move the flame to the open end of the cable, otherwise the water will drive to the inside of the cable Burner heating cable 4. Measure the insulation resistance between the core and the core, and between the core and the sheath with the ohmmeter. If the measurement results meet the requirements, the sealing paste can be injected into the sealing cup. Note that the sealant should be added gradually on one side, not too quickly, to allow air to escape. After the sealing paste is filled, put the lid on the cup, then use the heat-shrinkable sleeve to cover the wire core, finally use the ohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance again, if the insulation is low, do it again. Pour the sealing cream into the sealing cup Cover the wire core with a heat-shrinkable sleeve
Causes and solutions for overheating of wires and cables
When the power cable passes through a certain load current, it will generate heat. As the load current increases, the surface temperature of the cable will be higher. Such as: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable, is the core temperature 70 degrees for the upper limit, the surface temperature will be low 5 ~ 10 degrees. Therefore, the cable surface temperature below 60 degrees is basically safe, from the perspective of power maintenance, of course, the lower the better.
What are the functions of the cable protection tube?
In the engineering construction process, often USES the cable protection pipe, but regarding the cable protection pipe concrete function, everybody is clear? The following business treasure for you to introduce the cable protection tube is what and the role of the cable protection tube. In the engineering construction process, often USES the cable protection pipe, but regarding the cable protection pipe concrete function, everybody is clear? The following business treasure for you to introduce the cable protection tube is what and the role of the cable protection tube. Cable protection pipe also known as cable pipe, power cable pipe, cement cable pipe, power line pipe, power cable protection pipe. Cable protection pipe is mainly installed in the intersection of communication cable and power line, to prevent short circuit accident caused by power line break, causing live communication cable and wire rope, to protect the cable, switch, the core board, so that the whole machine is not burnt out, the interference of the power line magnetic field also plays a certain role in isolation.
Brief introduction of wire and cable products
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2019-01-18 17:00
Electric wire divides into the electromagnetic wire and the general purpose insulated wire by the use. Insulated wire is also called cloth wire. Insulated wire (wiring wire) refers to the wire covered with an insulating layer, including all kinds of connecting wires and installation wires. Before we talk about the wiring specification, let's first understand the meaning of the letter in the wiring specification: B (B) -- the first letter means wiring, and the second letter means glass filament. V (V) -- the first letter stands for polyethylene (plastic) insulation and the second letter for polyethylene sheath. L (L) -- aluminum, no L means copper, F (F) -- compound, R -- flexible wire, S -- twisted pair, X -- insulating rubber Cloth wire specifications notation: BVR - copper (aluminum conductor, PVC insulated, soft line, the voltage rating: 450/750 v, executive standard: bv JB8734.2-1998 - no sheath copper core PVC insulated wire and cable, voltage levels: 300/500 v, executive standard: the BLV JB8734.2-1998 - the aluminum conductor, PVC insulated sheathed wire and cable BVV - round copper core PVC insulated vinyl chloride sheathed wire, voltage levels: 450/750 v, executive standard: BLVV JB8734.2-1998: Aluminum conductor, PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable, voltage levels: 300/500 v, executive standard: JB8734.2-1998 BVVB: copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat cable, voltage levels: 300/500 v, executive standard: JB8734.2-1998 such types of wire cloth is suitable for various ac and dc electrical devices, electrical and instrument, instrument, telecommunications equipment, power and lighting fixed installation with; RV -- copper core PVC insulated flexible wire, voltage grade: 300V RVP: shielding soft copper core PVC insulated wires, level of voltage: 300 v, executive standard: RVB JB8734.2-1998 - copper core PVC insulated parallel cord, level of voltage: 300 v, executive standard: RVS GB5023.5-1997 - type copper core PVC insulated ground cord, level of voltage: 300 v, executive standard: RVV GB5023.5-1997: ordinary PVC sheathed flexible wire, pressure rating: 300/500 v, executive standard: RVVP GB5023.5-1997: Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed shielded cord, voltage class: 300V, standard: jb87345-1998
Summary of the current development of wire and cable industry
Electric wires and cables are defined as "wire products used to transmit electric (magnetic) energy, information and realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy" according to the international electrical terminology. They are indispensable equipment for the transmission of electric energy, information transmission and manufacturing of various motors, electrical appliances and instruments. They are known as the "blood vessels" and "nerves" of the national economy. Wire and cable manufacturing is one of the biggest supporting industry of national economy, and is the second largest industry after the auto industry, in the machinery industry, wire and cable products are extensively used in energy, transportation, communications, automotive and petrochemical industry, its development by the international and domestic macro economic situation, national economic policy, industry policy and the influence of various related industries development, closely related to the development of the national economy.
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