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Our enterprise spirit is to seek truth and practice and keep improving, and our enterprise culture is to learn, innovate and strive to be advanced. With the guidance of science and technology and sincere service as our product philosophy, we have successively obtained China 3CCC certification, America UL certification and management system certification. 

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Security cable industry trends and standardization leader
无锡辰安光电有限公司坐落于全国创造型城市--无锡,它是一家集生产、研发和销售一体的现代化线缆的高新技术企业。 求真务实,精益求精是我们的企业精神,学习、创新、争创先进是我们的企业文化,以科技引导,真诚服务为产品理念,我们先后获得中国3CCC认证、美国UL认证以及管理体系认证 。产品在新能源汽车,智能机器人,装备制造领域被广泛应用。以高柔性拖链电缆,耐高温高寒电线电缆和高承载特种电线电缆的三大系列,多种品类的特色满足海内外客户发展需 求。 缔造全球知名电线电缆企业,成就辰安百年品牌是我们终身目标和愿景,邀海内外有识之士携手奋进,共创辉煌! 辰安光电 超高导电缆生产厂家 无锡辰安光电有限公司 alt="厂房" 参考营销型网站: 应用领域: 新能源汽车 智能机器人 装备制造领域 产品分类: 高柔性拖链电缆 耐高温高寒电线电缆 高承载特种电线电缆 首页展示产品的五大优势 无锡辰安光电有限公司 全国服务热线:13338118216 电话:0510-88704513 传真:0510-88704513 地址:江苏无锡市锡山区东北塘农坝工业园(农新路18号) After the "snowden incident" broke out, countries around the world pay more attention to the security industry, according to statistics, China's security industry output reached about 275 billion yuan in 2011, the industry "twelfth five-year" plan of the target, by the end of the "twelfth five-year" to achieve the industrial scale doubled, 2015 industry output reached 500 billion yuan. With the rapid development of security industry, the amount of security cable is increasing year by year. According to incomplete statistics, the demand for wire and cable products in the domestic security industry was about 4 billion yuan in 2011. According to proportional estimation, by the end of the 12th five-year plan, the total output value of the security and cable industry in 2015 will reach 7.3 billion yuan. The rapid development of the security cable market has attracted a large number of manufacturers to participate. These manufacturers can be divided into two categories: the first is a considerable scale of state-owned or joint-stock cable enterprises, security cable is just one of the products. Such manufacturers have strong technical force and reliable product quality, but due to the lack of professional production, or because of the management system factors leading to high production costs, so there are high market prices, long delivery cycle shortcomings; The 2nd kind is the small manufacturer of property of individual investment, because capital is lacked, wait for all sorts of reasons, product specification is onefold, quality is ensured hard, there is the circumstance with fake and shoddy, jerry-built, lack rice little code on certain level. Such products used in engineering construction, often constitute a variety of hidden dangers for the system. However, because I am familiar with local market conditions, have abundant human resources, and operate flexibly, I can also occupy an appropriate market share in the region. But throughout the industry, the good and bad are intermingled, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country, the foundation is relatively weak. According to incomplete survey statistics, more than 70% from cable manufacturer in the security industry, due to the limitation of various conditions, the production tools are also in the use of domestic equipment s and eighty s, some even use normal manufacturer obsolete equipment, even no professional testing equipment and testing means, the production process management confusion. The security system often needs to be used in the outdoor extreme temperature, waterproof, ultraviolet ray proof, fire retardant, acid and alkali resistant, rat-proof and other special environment, the wire and cable used in the system should have special technical requirements. Cable products manufacturers and the current security industry on a smaller scale, unable to form the industrial advantage, production capacity, research and development capabilities, and limitations of management that affecting the reliability of the product quality to a certain extent, cause security systems engineering can't fully guarantee the effectiveness of transmission, which affect the quality of the entire security engineering. At present, some enterprises in the industry are fully aware of this, and some mainstream enterprises have also increased the investment in equipment funds. Advanced equipments such as high-precision no-alignment mould, laser caliper, on-line measuring equipment and serial production line, automatic ink-jet meter and automatic looping machine are widely used in various production processes. High-performance advanced equipment not only greatly improves the quality of products, but also effectively control the loss of materials, improve the production speed, reduce production costs. Of course, China's security cable industry has many shortcomings, such as the biggest problem is the lack of standards. As we all know, although the development history of China's security industry has been more than 30 years, but until now, China's security cable industry is still not strictly meaningful industry standards, even in product selection and application standards, still in a "vacuum". But anything is a process from scratch, as long as the security cable companies work together, common efforts, security cable industry although the status quo is worrying, but the prospects are bright.
Cable profit era practitioners stick to or quit
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2019-01-18 16:58
As an important part of the national economy, the wire and cable industry, as China's economy has entered the "new normal", has also changed from a period of high speed growth to a period of medium and low speed growth, from an era of excessive profits to an era of small profits. After many cable enterprises put forward the transformation and development, many marketing personnel also took active actions to follow the pace of transformation and play a variety of gorgeous "turn". Some marketing personnel set up a teahouse, some focus on the stock market, some make automobile 4S shop, some make industry, some make real estate, and some make investment company... There are various names. Their common thought was: cable is so unprofitable, why keep it? So many quick money, money to the industry, they also want to try the water. "Marketers are distracted from cables, wandering between industries and looking uncomfortably for a way out of their early capital. "It's not a very good signal for businesses. Recently, in the acceptance of cable network, a cable company marketing director of his concerns. In view of the marketing staff engaged in sideline status, the marketing director suggested that any enterprise should guide the marketing staff to correctly transform, concentrate on transformation. "Like a team to change the direction of the march, the command, we turn each other's body, each toward the direction, is not chaos? He also suggests that businesses need to educate marketers to believe in the power of concentration, and that even a small profit on cable can make a difference. Even if want to transform, also want around cable for the core, do not leave the industry environment that oneself are familiar with easily.
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