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Precautions for wire and cable transportation and storage

Precautions for wire and cable transportation and storage

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电线电缆的运输和保管注意事项 1.运输中严禁从高处扔下电缆或装有电缆的电缆盘,特别是在较低温度时(一般为5℃左右及以下),扔、摔电缆将有可能导致绝缘、护套开裂。 2.尽可能避免在露天以裸露方式存放电缆,电缆盘不允许平放。 3.吊装包装件时,严禁几盘同时吊装。在车辆、船舶等运输工具上,电缆盘要用合适方法加以固定,防止互相碰撞或翻倒,宜以防止机械损伤电缆。 4.电缆严禁与酸、碱及矿物油类接触,要与这些
Transportation and storage of electric wires and cables
1. Transport and dropped from a height are strictly prohibited in the cable or the cable with cable, especially in lower temperature (usually 5 ℃ or so and below), throw, fall cable would likely lead to insulation, sheath craze.
2. As far as possible, avoid storing cables in an exposed way in the open air. The cable tray is not allowed to be laid flat.
3. When hoisting the package, it is strictly prohibited to hoist several plates at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other means of transport, cable tray to be fixed with appropriate methods to prevent each other collision or overturned, it is appropriate to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.
4. Cables are strictly prohibited to contact with acids, alkalis and mineral oils, and should be stored separately from these corrosive substances. The storage room of cables should not contain harmful gases that damage insulation and corrode metals.
5. Cables shall be rolled regularly during storage (once every 3 months in summer, and may be extended in other seasons). In rolling mode, the bottom edge of the storage tray should be turned upside down to avoid the bottom surface being affected by damp and rot. Always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact.
6. The storage period of cables shall be limited to the ex-factory life of the products, generally not exceeding one and a half years, and the longest not exceeding two years.